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Do you need a great Flat Iron?

Has your Iron been eating your hair? Have you been the victim of a "when a good iron goes bad" situation. It comes without warning, in the blink of an eye, ok, actually you usually smell it first... The undeniable smell of burnt hair.

Oh man, first don't panic !Give us a call so we can get you in to access the damage and make a plan if needed. Over the next week, you may want to give your hair a break from intense heat styling. Send your hair on a vacation of sorts with KEVIN.MURPHY RE.STORE which you can pick up at the salon, or if you are not in town pick it up through this link here. RE.STORE is a treatment that is both cleansing and conditioning ,it also has super food proteins to help strengthen and reconstruct the hair.

While that is sitting on your hair go straight to the culprit (ie dead iron), thank it for its many years of service.Then chuck it into the bin. Please do not donate faulty flat irons:)

Now, we know you can't go long with out a trusty iron so if you're you are in the area we do carry the Black Cherry iron which I believe is the best for the money. If you don't live in the area I'll link here.

The black cherry iron is one of the fastest heating irons I have ever used in my 20-year experience. It literally takes like 5 Seconds to heat up and there's a sweet digital read out that tells you exactly what temperature the iron is at all times. The plates are smooth and have rounded edges(great for waving and curling); I have not had one catch hair yet. I prefer the 1" , I find it the easiest to control.

Now when you get this baby home. Just remember she may go up to 450 but that dose not mean you need all that power everyday. See how 375 treats you, before heating up further. I hope you have found this informative or at least amusing.

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