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Available Services

All services are Gender and Age neutral

Cut and Style

This one hour service is designed to get you washed, conditioned, cut, and styled into a the look you have discussed with your stylist during your personalized consultation.

 Most all cuts will fall into this category. 

Price varies $45-61,

depending on stylist.

All over Colour

This 1hr 30min service is meant for those who want to completely cover their natural hair with one continuous color. You would also book this service to retouch a previous all over color service. 

(blow-Dry service included)

Starting price from $100-116+,


Price will vary depending upon length, thickness and stylist. (This service is NOT for all over blondes or fashion colors that need two steps.)

Double Process

This 2hr 15-45 min service is for some one looking for highlights but also wants to cover all the hair left out of the foils. OR to cover the gray on the hair left out of the foil from a highlight. It is the combo of  full or partial highlights and all over color.

Includes a blow-dry service

Starting prices range

from $145-176+   

Price will vary depending upon the length, thickness and stylist.

Corrective Colour

So maybe there was an oops, or you want a big change. This service is for color service that will take more than time. Expert knowledge and experiance to get you on the path you want to be on. 

Priced by the hour $120-150 per hour

*consultation required before booking.

Bridal Styling 

This 1 hour appointment is here to get you ready for your special day! You will at least need a free consult to be prepared for this appointment. You can also book this appointment type for a trial style. 


Starting at $65-75+ depending on the stylist .  

Short (clipper) cut

This 45 min service is for hair that is already very short and you want a  clipper cut(or similar). You will alos recieve a personalized consultation, wash and condition.

Price varies $48-52

depending on stylist.

Partial Highlights

This 1hr 45 min service is highlights on the top and sides of the head. This service can also be a "money piece" or face framing highlights. These looks are created with the use of foils.

( includes a blow-dry service)

Starting price $105-121+



Price will vary depending upon the length, thickness and stylist.

Balayage/Specialty Blonde

This 3 hour service is meant for someone wanting a dimensional color that includes hand painting, foiling and other techniques to create a specialty look(usually lighter on the ends of the hair)  Includes a blow-dry style.

Includes a blow-dry service

Prices start at $155-182+,


Price will vary depending on hair length, type, thickness, stylist or need for toner.