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The future of Blow-drying

Updated: May 15, 2018

Have you guys seen this Dyson blow dryer ?Oh my goodness.

It came out a few years ago, but I feel like it's now really gaining steam. We are just now realizing how much actual engineering and science they packed into this little guy. They have tested 10,000 miles of hair and used a team of 103 scientists, engineers, and stylist. This blow dryer was engineered to promote natural shine, smoothness, optimize air flow ,and to avoid extreme heat damage.

The fan in this blow dryer spins 6 times faster than the conventional dryers and the moter fits in the handle! The fan also has 13 blades and rotates up to 110,000 thousand per minute. By using Dyson air multiplier check it amplifies the pulled air by three times. There's a thermal detector and microprocessor checking the temperature 20 times per second just to make sure there is no extreme heat damage.

The attachments go on via magnates ,which is genius! you don't have to wrestle them on or pry them off. It is so easy! Also the cord is a bit longer than most which is a huge plus!

They have won the allure's best of beauty 2017 and 2017 best beauty buys from InStyle.

Oh and have I mentioned how quiet it is And that goes back to the blade design somehow by Voodoo hair magic they have made one of the tones go beyond the normal audible hearing range of humans, what!

Sarah at the salon has it in white and as soon as I can decide what color I want it will be on the way. Yes I will admit the price is a little shocking, but with my 20-plus years of styling experience, I feel it's totally worth it. After all what do you want in a drier... fast, quiet and light weight, with this drier you get all of those things and more!

Please note: There are afiliate links in this post.All links go straight to Amazon.

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